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Venture Trailers
Here you will find listings of our most Popular Trailer Models, Boats & Specials we our
offering at this time. To view the Full Line of Venture Boat Trailers, simply click their
link(below/left)... For more information/prices/questions,  please contact us, at
EMI ( English Motors, Inc.)
"We would be proud to have you join our long line of happy customers."
One of our HOTTEST model's  The Venture Model, VATB-5925,
Aluminum, Surge/Disc Brakes(on one Axel), Bunks,  Aluminum, Diamond Plate Fenders, Tandem Axel, Alloy Mag Wheels, 2"
Actuator, 5-Prong Flat Plug, 14" Wheels, carrys 5925 lbs. of Boat & up to a 24'-25' Boat.
Venture Model VATB-12625, Aluminum, Disc Brakes, Bunks, Alloy Mag Wheels,
Tri-Axel, carrys 12,625 lbs. & up to a 33' Boat
. $8899
Venture Model VATB-7225, Disc Brakes, Aluminum, Alloy Mags, for 27'
. $5599
Free Delivery to the Baltimore, North of
Baltimore, York Pa. areas.
1935, 47', Consolidated Motoryacht, you Restore, you Move(we can
assist with Movers), more pics upon request....$3999-
Venture Model VATB-5225, Disc Brakes(on 1 Axel), Aluminum, Tandem Axel,
Alloy Mags, Bunks, carr
ies 5225 lbs. & up to a 23' Boat. $4349
Supplier of Venture Boat Trailers to the United States Navy !!
Special Models
Venture Model VATB-10625 Aluminum, Disc Brakes, Bunks, Alloy Mag Wheels,
. $7899
For 27'-30' Boat, Venture Model VATB-8725, carrys up to a 30'
Boat and 8725 lbs....
Venture Model VATB-10625 "Super Duty" built using 3-5200
lb. Axles, carrys up to approx. a 30' Boat & approx.13,
400 lbs. of
boat. This trailer is built w/ Galvanized Wheels.
$8099!  Alot of
Trailer, for little $$ !
SOLD !!!!
Optional Alloy Mags....on a
Venture, VATB-10625
"Super-Duty"....these are $270
Options for Venture Trailers:

LED's                                     $119

PVC Load Guides
(boats w/ a 9ft and larger beam
add $60).               $139

Poly Sleeve Bunk Covers.     $139

Target Bunks.                        $199

2nd ( or 3rd ) Axel Brakes.   $379

Stainless Steel Hardware (triple axle add $50).  $269

Stainless Steel Disc Brakes by Tie Down G-5
(Caliper & Rotor) Single Axle.  $279  Two Axles  $498  Triple Axles   $697

Electric over Hydraulic Brake Actuator (Triple axle
add $100).     $999              

Matching Alloy Spare Wheel/Tire w/Mount Brkt.     

Keel Boat/Ski Boat Rear Cross member        $349